Today we have made the decision that our Canberra studio staff should this week commence working from home for the immediate future, due to the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation.

This move will not impact our work with clients or suppliers, other than moving to teleconference or video conference from face-to-face meetings.

Our phone numbers remain unchanged, and will be directed to each of our locations:
Main number: 02 6202 8000
Ben Lopez: 02 6202 8001
Liam Camilleri: 02 6202 8002
Lester Bunnell: 02 6202 8003
Toni Lopez: 02 6202 8004

Other than a location change, it is business as usual and all projects will continue. As always, new work requests can be made via email or phone.

Kind regards
Ben Lopez
Director, Paper Monkey