Next Gen campus virtual tours

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Image of iPad with virtual tour being displayed

Showcasing a campus using immersive experiences

Recently we partnered with the College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University to develop a campus virtual tour for regional and international students unable to attend the ANU Open Day in person.

Unlike individually captured spaces, this integrated approach to presenting a university campus virtual tour brings together multiple individual virtual tours, 360s and other media such as video and photographic images into one digital package presenting a smooth and unified user experience.

Using drone captured 360 degree imagery, we were able to showcase not only on the ground spaces and the beauty of the ANU campus, but also the proximity of the campus to other locations within the city of Canberra, Australia.

The virtual tour is fully mobile responsive delivering an equally immersive experience whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

With contact forms embedded from the main college website, and independent navigation, the virtual tour can be used within an existing website, or as a stand alone mini site via a subdomain.

A fully customisable virtual tour

We built the CBE virtual tour based on the specific needs of the college. Unlike off-the-shelf options, we deliver bespoke solutions that address our client’s individual requirements.

Designed within the existing university brand, the virtual tour complements other online and offline touchpoints prospective students come into contact with.

Our team can capture all of the required media to build your virtual tour, or integrate any existing media you have previously developed. We can also work with your in-house content creators to scope visual assets as we plan the project.


As we have designed the tours with scalability in mind, it is possible to add new points of interest or completely new scenes to your virtual tour as time goes on. This approach could allow for a planned staged rollout, where the development of a first phase release is launched, to which updates showcasing new features are added as time or resources allow.


Experience the CBE virtual tour here.

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