Graphic Design Canberra

We are an award-winning provider of graphic design in Canberra.

Looking for graphic design in Canberra?

Finding a graphic design company that’s the right fit for your organisation can be a challenge. We can help! As an award-winning provider of graphic design in Canberra, we at Paper Monkey have experience in working with businesses, government departments, schools and colleges of all shapes and sizes. Equipped with a wealth of local knowledge which is of value to Canberra government providers and nearby agencies, we are also international award winners that have the capacity to fine tune your branding for a global reach. No matter who your audience is and what you want to offer them, we have the capability to come up with branding that works for you and your clients, offering our expert service in graphic design Canberra-wide.

Consultation is key to our success

From our years of experience in the graphic design field, we’ve learned that there’s far more to successful graphic design than simply art and visual imagery. We use our skills to help you identify and define your values and message, distilling the essential essence of your organisation and packaging it in a way that appeals to your audience. In the initial phases of our work, we can consult widely with your management team, staff team, target audience and current clients to discover exactly what it is about your organisation that your stakeholders value – you may be surprised by the results! From this intelligence, we will be able to work with you to come up with a comprehensive suite of designs, that encompass every aspect of your image.

Stand out for the right reasons

Most companies, government agencies and educational establishments already have publicity material and an online presence. Unfortunately, much of the content and graphics used may well be fairly generic. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily harm your image, it also won’t accurately represent the unique features that set your organisation apart from the rest. For example, almost any business will say that they offer a “professional service” or “high-quality results”; what we would do is work with you to discover what form of “professional service” and the details of the results your organisation excels at providing. This process enables us to create a customised profile that accurately showcases your strengths, as defined by the partners that matter in your service delivery process.

Attract quality, not just quantity

Particularly when it comes to education (although this is relevant in a range of other fields), you don’t always want just numbers, you are probably also aiming for a high-quality customer. In the case of students, they may be more academically able than average; regarding customers, you may wish to attract those with a larger budget, or those who are looking for the niche services that you are best placed to provide. Through the careful use of language, graphics and a range of other techniques, we will work with you to design content and imagery that appeals to the top end of your target audience, helping to persuade them that you really are the best fit for their requirements.

We look at every aspect of your branding

Many people assume that branding extends only to a logo, written material and a website. Although consistency in these two areas is a good start, truly successful branding needs to encompass every aspect of customer-facing service. No matter which route your audience use to access you, they should encounter the same messages, the same graphics and the same values. This sends out a consistent message that reinforces your image and lends credence to what you’re saying. Mixed messages confuse potential clients and can put them off, as they’re not sure whether you’re right for them or not. As an established graphic design company in Canberra, we’ve worked with many different clients to ensure that every aspect of their publicity sends out a consistent, engaging message.

Detailing is vital for great results

We take the visual aspect of graphic design far beyond the screen; we will look at every aspect of your branding to ensure that it fits with the image you want to give. From signage and uniforms through to your social media posts, publicity materials, website features and more, our aim is to ensure that your messages remain clear and coherent at every stage of your clients’ dealing with you. Whether it’s an initial contact via online material, a visit to your premises or engaging in the application or negotiation process required to access your goods or services, we give you the tools you need to achieve consistent, high-grade delivery.

Customised design that’s suitable for your users

Not all audiences are the same, so it’s important to ensure that not only your message but also the way in which it’s delivered is suitable for your client group. For example, if many of your students or clients are in national or international locations, rather than local, why not include a 3D virtual tour of your premises on your website? This enables a more distant audience to get a good idea of what your premises look like without the need for a visit. Similarly, we can suggest suitable arenas for you to air your material, as well as recommend appropriate language in your communications that’s designed to appeal to the people you’re hoping to attract.

We are an enthusiastic graphic design Canberra company that is committed to offering every client an exceptional service at every stage of their interaction with us. Our speciality lies in working with educational establishments and government organisations, as well as businesses that want to target a specific audience effectively, and share our passion for quality. The talented, flexible and innovative team here at Paper Monkey are able to work with you to develop a tailored, individualised brand that showcases what you’re about and what you can offer. As an award-winning design and creative agency with a strong track record in successful, high-impact delivery, we are proud of our international reputation for creative, high-grade branding solutions. Whether you want to get your message right or need to update your marketing and design to meet the needs of the 21st-century marketplace, we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

For more information on graphic design in Canberra, and around Australia, see The Australian Graphic Design Association.