In-house design team support

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Need support for your in-house design team?

In-house design team support: who knew that was a thing?

Not every design job can fit into your in-house team’s schedule or skillset.
That’s where we come in.

Our internationally awarded team of senior designers can take the pressure off your in-house studio at times of peak workload, understaffing or when a unique project requires an external opinion.

Whether its a regularly occurring project, or a last minute request that just can’t fit into the in-house schedule, we can help.

We work for universities and government agencies around the country, and the globe, some of which require our support on a daily basis.

For Macquarie University alone, we have undertaken over 1000 design projects, ranging from simple fact sheets, to course guides and student prospectuses, working within their brand guidelines and alongside their in-house designers.

We will review your university’s brand guidelines, and where appropriate use your existing Indesign templates to produce work quickly and efficiently, sometimes doubling the output capability of your in-house team, working cooperatively, respectfully and collaboratively with them.

Our boundless attention to detail and finely tuned typographic and design skills are your assurance that our team will be your team’s best friends.

Best of all, we don’t have account managers and are a studio solely of senior designers, you deal directly with your designer and your work is never palmed off onto a junior.

All of our design support work is performed in our studio, in Canberra.

The more we help you, the more efficient the process becomes.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your team