John XXIII College, Canberra

Paper Monkey made a detailed market research of potential demand for local and international student market for John XXIII College, Canberra and analysed the market characteristics based on the collected data and statistical information. We advised the College on all elements of the marketing mix (the 7P’s – People, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Process and Physical Evidence) and the current and future growth opportunities of various marketing campaigns (i.e. the promotional activities in offshore international markets). Building on a marketing plan and strategy developed by Paper Monkey in workshops with students, faculty & alumni, we modernised the existing logo & brand elements, refined the photographic style & content & made brand experience recommendations ranging from tone of voice to staff uniforms. By fine tuning the usage of social media & language used on promotional material, we gave the various touchpoints of the college’s communication a healthy unison.

Since the rebrand, the college has been able to compete equally in the residential college market; it’s been able to attract not just more students/residents, but attract the RIGHT students to fit into the culture the college now fosters.