We partnered with Dunmore Lang College in Sydney, engaging with staff, students, alumni and parents to develop the college brand and produce new marketing material. The focus of the project was to develop a brand that allows the college to compete with newly built university owned accommodation, in addition to other existing purpose-built offerings surrounding the campus.

Dunmore Lang College has exceptionally high student satisfaction rates. Our goal was to understand what is behind this level of satisfaction, and what students most value about their college experience.

Discovering what type of students choose the college over the newer options and why, would allow us to develop a brand targeting students who would fit and enhance the unique DLC community.

Stakeholder engagement

Our discovery process included sessions with diverse current student groups of various ages, staff of all levels and role type, as well as alumni and parent groups, giving us an incredible knowledge base to work with.

We were able to gain an understanding of the college community, and what students and their families valued about it the most.

Importantly, we were able to identify what students, parents and alumni saw as being unique to the college, and therefore most important to communicate to prospective applicants.


A strategy was developed as a roadmap for future college marketing material. The strategy was built from competitor analysis, brand strategy, strategic recommendations, student insights, touchpoint mapping and photographic imagery guide, culminating in visual executions of the brand.

A modernised crest was designed within the constraints of the original crest’s specifications.
Branded marketing material was developed based on the strategy, highlighting community and connection as well as diversity and individual empowerment — aspects of college life most valued by its students.