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We're recognised both nationally and internationally for quality and creativity.

Branding is no longer the preserve of product marketers; in today’s highly competitive marketplace, sending out the right messages to your audience is essential if you want to attract people to your goods or services. The need for a polished, consistent brand that reflects your values and aspirations is important not only for the business sector, but also for colleges, schools, government departments and other public sector enterprises. If you want a profile that makes you stand out from the rest for all the right reasons, we can help. As an award-winning, highly experienced graphic design agency, we have the capability to transform your image into something really special.

Design for government in Canberra

Almost every college, university, school or government department has a website, prospectus and other branded material, all designed to appeal to potential students and/or customers. The message offered is frequently quite a generic one, which may fail to capture exactly what it is that makes your establishment unique and appealing. Our team begin by listening to your students or customers, your faculty and your stakeholders to establish what it is that attracts your audience to your particular blend of provision. Often it’s the little things that can make a big difference to prospective users’ decision making. We use the information obtained to create a set of unique selling points (USPs) which are specific to your organisation.

A focus on quality as well as quantity for your college

We recognise that institutions need a certain number of students in order to sustain their funding streams and ensure there is sufficient demand to keep going. Unfortunately, focusing exclusively on attracting students, without sufficient consideration of the type of student that would provide the best fit for what you have on offer, can create problems in terms of overall performance and sustainability. Using a range of sophisticated strategies and techniques, we are able to tweak your branding and marketing material so that it’s skewed towards attracting a higher calibre learner. In the medium-term this approach leads towards enhanced student outcomes, which in turn helps to foster the reputation for excellence that successful institutions aspire to.

Customised approach that’s tailored to your requirements

Flexible and responsive, our aim is to work with you to create a brand that’s a true reflection of what your organisation is about, including its goals, outcomes, mission and values. Through consultation with all relevant parties, we are able to put together a brand that offers a true reflection of your strengths and showcases the qualities that make your college, business or other service provision most suited to your target audience. Some organisations will focus on their track record of academic excellence, others on their student support, low fees, attractive, well-appointed accommodation or their diverse range of extra-curricular activities. Wherever your appeal lies, we can make sure it’s attractively packaged for maximum impact.

A holistic approach to branding

Although many people tend to think of branding as extending only to a suitable online presence and written material, the reality is that branding has to underpin almost everything your organisation undertakes. Customers value consistency, so the key messages you want to deliver about you and what you have to offer need to come across in every contact your audience has. Whether they visit you online (social media, your website), find out about you at a publicity event (flyers, display stands, prospectus, giveaways) or visit you in person (signage, uniforms, logo use), it’s vital that they find that you present the same values and messages at every occasion.

Detail-orientated for the best results

From our significant experience in coordinating visual, strategic and graphic design for a wide range of organisations, we’ve learned the importance of detail! As part of our service, we look at every aspect of your organisation’s branding to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. From making sure that the language used in your social media posts or written material is appropriate for the impression you want to give, through to making suggestions for staff uniforms, colour schemes and related matters, we try to ensure that your college or school presents an accurate, favourable impression no matter where and when your audience accesses it. We make sure your values and ways of working are foremost in every aspect of your public face, resulting in every member of your audience enjoying a premium experience, whichever method of contact they use.

Internationally awarded company with a local touch when it comes to design for government in Canberra

Our company has received international recognition for our high-quality designs, as well as being well-known locally in Canberra and the surrounding area. Because we have the capability to appeal to an international market as well as domestic ones, we are ideally placed to work with organisations that have an international reach. If you tend to market to foreign students, we have experience in tailoring what you offer to reach them effectively. For example, we can include a 3D virtual tour on your site, so that students can get a good idea of what your facilities are like, even if they’re unable to visit. Conversely, if you’re based near us, our in-depth knowledge of market factors and nearby variables means that we’re able to put together branding and marketing that’s specifically geared to meet the needs of your local audience.

We are a highly-regarded design agency that’s been recognised both nationally and internationally for the quality and creativity of the work that we provide. Our goal is to offer every customer a carefully designed strategy to transform their image so that it appeals to their specific audience. By focusing on the little details and differences that make your institution different and individual, we are able to make an attractive, accurate brand which is designed to appeal to the high-quality students or customers that you’re eager to attract. Innovative, flexible, responsive and committed to doing the very best job that we can, we’re the designers of choice for a growing number of schools, colleges, businesses and other organisations both in Canberra and further afield.